Event Rules


▶ Usually there is no theme. If a theme is pending, it will be announced early enough.

▶ Elite & Sponsor are required to create and sell an exclusive item. (Reduced items may also be sold, the exclusive should be marketed and in the foreground)

▶ Regular: Pure items with a 50% discount are allowed to sell.
You are also welcome to sell exclusives. 🙂 – Marks the reduced items with the sticker included in the designer pack. (You will receive the Designer Kit after successful acceptance)

▶ The event or the booth is not a store! So it is not desirable to place multivendors.

▶ The booth should be clear and appealing. The more articles, the more vendors .. the more the shopper loses track of things.
Usually 2-5 articles are always recommended. (is just a suggestion)

► Sale of gacha is allowed!

▶ Gifts for the 4 Seasons shoppers are very welcome. If you provide a poison for the shopper, please use the event group: secondlife: /// app / group / 8dba1f78-90b4-1682-2ecd-e44997b4b484 / about

▶ Please note the prim limit in the booth. These are staggered differently depending on the booth. Nobody will complain if he is 2-3 prime over his limit. 😉

▶ The demo area can be used freely and so far has no prime limit. But if it gets out of hand, a limit is set spontaneously.

▶ For the vendors it is recommended to use an event script. No obligation, just a recommendation to protect the scripts of the region a little.

▶ Participation in the 4 Seasons Event should be regular, if someone is inactive for a while, he will be removed from the group. This is the only way to keep track of things.

▶ If we discover that you are trying to sell stolen items, you will be expelled from the event immediately and no money will be given back.

▶ Stand fees already paid will not be reimbursed.

▶ The event is adult, so it is allowed to sell adult articles!
Exhibiting and selling nude pictures, child pornography is absolutely forbidden! If this is the case, the booth will be cleared by us and the designer will be excluded from the event!

▶ In the 4 Seasons City you have the opportunity to get a store. (A regular event is also planned there in the future)
For the store application click here: STORE APPLICATION

▶ The terminals for the next round are usually always opened at the beginning of the event. (Note group notice)

▶ We also have bloggers for the event. It is not mandatory, but there is the possibility to take a blogger board in the office and provide your articles for the bloggers.

▶ In the office you will find the terminals and the blogger boards.
SURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Raia%20da%20Pipa/114/240/3796

▶ The group invitation takes place after successful acceptance.

We think the rules are simple.

Line up for the event:

▶ from 1st to 5th is setup

▶ from 6th to 8th the advertising will be prepared
(A video of the respective lap is shot)

▶ on the 8th the event will be open to everyone

▶ the event closes on the 22nd

▶ by the 25th it is time to empty the booth independently

Have you read everything and agree?

.. Super! ❤

Now we can start… Fill out the Designer Application and we will hopefully see you soon as a designer at the event! ❤