Blogger Rules

Hello ๐Ÿ’–

The designers give you the products for free, so please follow the rules. We will closely monitor who blogs and who doesn’t. So please fill out the form which is noted below under: ” โ›” VERY IMPORTANT:”

We’d like to share the rules for blogging this event:

  1. Every blogger has to make 3 blog posts
  2. Share in social networks

โœ… Tag us on Instagram:

โœ… Mark our Facebook page:

โœ… Add to the Facebook group:

โœ… Add to the Flickr group:

โœ… Join our Discord: & Send The Blog link in the Discord Group ”blogger-posts”

โœ… Mark 4 Seasons Event Location in your Posts (with start & End Date):

โœ… Mark the Designer on Social Media (when they have Flickr, Facebook or Instagram – you can certainly write to them or most of them have an NC in their products)

After you have posted, please fill out the following form so we can see your work (and of course give it our Faves and thumbs up)!

Those who have not filled in this form will unfortunately be disqualified. This is used by the blogger manager for tracking.

The sign in the office under the blogger packs (in the Office) can be clicked anytime and you will then get to that same link.

โ›” If you would like to apply for leave or you need help, please use the contact form only to inform us (do NOT email or IM): — We will contact you confirming your request within 24 hours.

**Please remember we do check the list of who has taken items and your blogs, so if you do need time off, just let us know!

Your great works will also be shown on the website. This then happens automatically

We are excited to see what you blog!

If you have any Question about blog, please contact our Blogger Manager: ๔€€…

Happy Blogging : – ฬ—ฬ€๐Ÿ’– -ฬ–ฬ